This article is about the culture of El Kadsre.

The culture of the El Kadsre is primarily a Western culture with Japanese and Mexican characteristics, which absorbs influence from Europe, Asia and the Americas. Before the colonization by the Tokugawans in early-19th century, the culture of the two islands was typically Ahola, originating from Vicnora.

El Kadsre is the most diverse and multicultural country in the world.

Multiculturism in El Kadsre was developed in two centuries, when the seaside's culture was changed thanks to the influence of North American culture and customs, where the English, Japanese and Spanish language is also official.


The national animals are a butterfly, cat, mountain eagle, mantis, lizard and kiwi. The El Kadsreian Butterfly is named the Peacock.


Music by mainstream El Kadsreian artists generally falls under the J-pop, K-pop, EK-pop and J-rock genre.

El Kadsreian Enka is a Japanese popular music genre in El Kadsre.

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