If you are looking for the series, see Cuncha (video game series).

Cuncha is the main character in the series of the same name.


Saga Testers wanted a mascot, but they didn't want to transport a Zerona mascot to the company because "the practice was too outdated".

However, they also wanted a cheap, and charming mascot. Zhu Jian was the great great grandson of Changhua.

Before Zhu Jian could draw the mouth, the approvers took the paper away and approved the prototype design instead.

However, the supposed "final" design is hosted on the website

Appearance and personality

Cuncha is an "naked" cube (strangely, when she goes out the ocean, she wears a bathrope, also all others are naked with shoes too) with yellowish cheeks and green shoes.

She is sweet and loving, however, she becomes angry alot.

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