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Cyclone Unlimited is a wooden roller coaster manufacturer based in Gainesville, Georgia, United States. The firm was formed in 2001 by three industry veterans: former Great Coasters International designers Thom Cooper and James Palfrey, and former Roller Coaster Corporation of America designer Elliot Pochwalski.


After leaving Great Coasters International, designers Thom Cooper and James Palfrey teamed up with former Roller Coaster Corporation of America designer Elliot Pochwalski to form Cyclone Unlimited Inc., based out of Gainesville, Georgia. At that time, Cyclone Unlimited employed six people, including three designers: Cooper, Palfrey and Pochwalski. Shortly after founding the company, Cyclone Unlimited received an offer from Carwardine Parks to renovate two wooden coasters at Carwardine Colony - The Flying Turns and Classic Cyclone, and one at Arizona's Backyard - Wooden Warrior, which soon became SpongeBob SquarePants Bikini Bottom Raceway.

Following those three projects, Carwardine asked the new company to design and build a wooden roller coaster for Dylan Park. Cyclone Unlimited accepted the offer and hired ten more employees. However, Cyclone Unlimited had a problem regarding how and where to manufacture the track pieces for the roller coaster. Cyclone Unlimited contacted Martin & Vleminckx, asking if they would be interested in manufacturing the track. Martin & Vleminckx accepted and they've assisted with nearly every Cyclone Unlimited coaster's construction ever since. Now with a company to manufacture the track, Cyclone Unlimited built its first roller coaster, Dominator, which opened in 2004 at Dylan Park.

In 2008, Cyclone Unlimited signed a deal with German manufacturer Gerstlauer. This agreement allows Gerstlauer to sell Cyclone Unlimited products outside of North America, with Gerstlauer and partner Ride Entertainment Group installing the coasters in cooperation with Cyclone Mexico (Cyclone Unlimited's Mérida, Yucatán-based Mexican subsidiary that constructs track pieces and support structures for their coasters) and/or Martin & Vleminckx. Previously, Nippon Amusement and Senyo Kogyo assisted in constructing two Cyclone Unlimited coasters at Tokyo Carwardine Colony, but all future non-US coasters by them would be distributed by Gerstlauer.

Coaster Types

  • Wood Support Structure (wooden track with wooden supports)
  • Steel Support Structure (wooden track with steel supports)
  • Cyclone Style (retraux wooden track styled after the Coney Island Cyclone, but can be modified to fit customer requests)
  • Dark Ride Style (indoor wooden track with wood or steel supports)
  • Inverted Wooden (suspended coaster using wooden track and supports)

List of roller coasters

Name Model Park Country Opened Status
Dominator Wood Support Structure Dylan Park & Redwall Abbey Flag of the United States.svg United States 2004 Operating
Expression of Misteri Tokyo Carwardine Colony Flag of Japan.svg Japan 2005 Operating
Mystery Express Dark Ride Style Marquette Woods Park Flag of the United States.svg United States 2006 Operating
Víbora Negra Steel Support Structure Tijuana's Adventure Acres Mexico 2007 Operating
Upside & Down Inverted Wooden Camp Carwardine United States 2017 Operating
Specter Express Cyclone Style Sambaland Flag of the United Kingdom.svg England, UK Operating
Hoohaw Flyer Cyclone Style Disneyland Sydney Flag of Australia.svg Australia 2021 Operating
El Kadsre Disneyland Flag of El Kadsre.svg El Kadsre Operating


  • Cyclone Unlimited has several plans for recreating old, long-gone wooden coasters and bringing back the buzz-bar train, but they are currently waiting for a buyer.
  • The coasters usually use trains by PTC or The Gravity Group.