DEKA is a chain of general merchandise stores in Vicnora and Screencold and Line. The first DEKA store opened on June 5, 1984 in Tugaganda. It first expanded into Screencold and Line and has since expanded into other countries in the El Kadsreian Islands and even more. Its the worlds largest general merchandise and department store.


DEKA logo 1997

DEKA's most notable logo and is still being used in some locations


Latin America, Kadersaryinan Islands and the Caribbean

Kadersaryina, Daricajuce, North Kadersaryina, Makoria and Saranam opened their first stores on Feb 28, 1992. Fiugeyhery opened its first DEKA stores in 1999.


Although there is no DEKA stores in Indosa, it is a sponsor for the DEKA Stadium

United States, Canada and North Atlantic

Western Europe and Jetanie Archipelago

Northern Europe

Central Europe

Southern Europe

Eastern Europe

Southeast Asia


The first DEKA store was opened in Alabang on August 18, 1995.

South Asia

East Asia

Middle East

Central Asia


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