Daniel Abraham Eimiel Peterson (born November 13, 1994) is an Ostlandic translator and voice actor.

History / Personal Life

Daniel Skips Eimiel was born in the City of Nordostat, on the island of Ostland Meinbyer.

At 18, he was accepted into the Royal University of Ostland, where he studied Journalism. Then, he did some Dubbing courses in Norway and finally in 2015 he officially moved to Oslo and now he does dubbing and voice overs there.



  • In the Oslo ComicCon of 2017, Daniel revealed his favorite Interpreted Character was Anakin Skywalker from Star Wars, and the second favorite would be Reichtangle de Countryballs, whom he played with a "German" accent.


Randy Cunningham quotes of the Ostet Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja dub on the Ostland ComicCon of 2016.

  • Danny: - playing Randy Cunningham - EI AR DEN NINJA!...
  • Danny: - playing Randy Cunningham - Dët ar den mer cool tingt son har skedt med ei! Präblemer ar dit ei ikk can fortller nyten, ikk engend mein Besteld Vent Howard...
    • Danny: - playing Randy Cunningham - It's the coolest thing that ever happened to me!... The trouble is that I can not tell anyone, not even my best friend Howard.

A Daniel tweet on his personal Twitter account (@DanielSky)

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