Dankia (Korean: 축축한 Chugchughan) or the Republic of Dankia is a country in Asia bordered by China, Hong Kong, Ladinya, Vietnam, and Taiwan. The country is ruled by the Dankish MLG Party. The calling code of Dankia is +805.


Korean Colonization (1788-1900)

Korean people colonized Dankia in 1788.

Memeland (1900-1910)

In 1900, Koreans and Americans created Memeland, the land of all memes.

Japanese Memeland and American Invasion (1910-1969)

Japan annexed Korea and Memeland in 1910. It joined the axis side, but was ceded to the US after losing. The US then ceded it to South Korea in 1960.

Dankia (1969-present)

In 1969, Dankia gained independence from South Korea. Then Dankia became independent and they created Dank around the 2000s.


Dankia is divided between 420 5 regions. Weedland, Inner Ladinya, MLGnia, Dewae, and Cykaland (aka Gopnikland).

Most speak English and Korean but Russian is spoken on Cykaland and Ladinian is spoken in Inner Ladinya.


TV Networks are Television Weed (TVW), MemesTV, WTF Network etc.

Note: All shows aired on Dankish channels MUST be MLG remade. Local shows must contain MLG stuff.

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