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Danny M. Bosch (born May 17, 1968 in Panzer Kaserne, Böblingen, Germany) is an American videographer with The Theme Park Crew and a writer for Coasters and State Fairs.


Danny was born in Böblingen, West Germany, the son of a U.S. Marine. He grew up in North Carolina, Hawaii, Germany, Japan, Florida, and Arizona.

He learned how to use a camera at age 8. The first roller coaster he ever rode was Big Dipper at Blackpool Pleasure Beach in the United Kingdom when he was 12 years old.

Danny's first issue of Coasters was Issue 122 (March 1995), where he wrote about Nara Dreamland. He stated that "I felt like calling the park "Six Flags Over Copyright Infringement", however I am unable to pull no punches because I'm a journalist covering theme parks, not Roger Ebert."

He took over production of the Coasters' Entertainment's remaining lineup of comic characters, "The Main Three": Woody Woods, Walter Parks and Roughner Goddard, he tried to revive variety by bringing back Sara Finster and Weird Wallace (under the name Weird Wally due to confusion of Wallace from Wallace and Gromit). He was later joined by original Coaster Comix artists Don DiBella and Kurtis Radosevic.

He is now married to Julie Jenkins-Bosch since 1998. They have two sons, Daniel M. Bosch Jr. (b. 1999) and Zachary Bosch (b. 2001), and three daughters, twins Karoline Bosch and Alicia Bosch (b. 2003), and Martina Bosch (b. 2008).


Top 15 Roller Coasters

  1. Magnum XL-200 (Cedar Point) [Favorite coaster]
  2. Coney Island Cyclone (Luna Park Coney Island) [Favorite wooden coaster]
  3. Wood Coaster/Mountain Flyer (Knight Valley at OCT East) [Favorite 21st century coaster]
  4. Batman: The Ride (Six Flags Great America) [Favorite clone coaster]
  5. SpongeBob SquarePants Rock Bottom Plunge (Nickelodeon Universe at Mall of America) [Favorite indoor coaster]
  6. Sagwa's Rickshaw Run (Omaha Luna Park) [Favorite Carwardine coaster]
  7. Ednör – L'Attaque (La Ronde) [Favorite SLC]
  8. Jet Coaster (Six Flags Taiwan) [Favorite Chinese made coaster]
  9. Rock 'n' Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith (Disney's Hollywood Studios) [Favorite Disney coaster]
  10. Big Dipper (Blackpool Pleasure Beach) [Favorite British coaster]
  11. Superman El Último Escape (Six Flags México) [Favorite Latino coaster]
  12. Redwall: Race for Victory (Entertainment Park Down Under) [Favorite Australian coaster]
  13. Giant Dipper (Belmont Park) [Favorite American boardwalk coaster]
  14. Coastersaurus (Legoland Florida) [Favorite LEGO coaster]
  15. Canobie Corkscrew (Canobie Lake Park) [Favorite Corkscrew coaster]

Top 40 Theme Parks

  1. Six Flags Over Texas (Arlington, Texas, U.S.) [favorite theme park]
  2. Dollywood (Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, U.S.) [favorite eastern theme park]
  3. Lagoon (Farmington, Utah, U.S.) [favorite non-southern theme park]
  4. Hersheypark (Hershey, Pennsylvania, U.S.) [favorite east coast theme park]
  5. Sesame Place (Langhorne, Pennsylvania, U.S.) [second favorite branded park]
  6. Andy Griffith's Mayberry U.S.A. (Soul City, North Carolina, U.S.) [third favorite branded park]
  7. Lightwater Valley (North Stainley, North Yorkshire, England, U.K.) [favorite UK park]
  8. Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk (Santa Cruz, California, U.S.) [favorite boardwalk park]
  9. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom (Vallejo, California, U.S.) [favorite non-boardwalk Californian park]
  10. Selva Mágica (Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico) [favorite Mexican park]
  11. The World of Redwall (Austin, Texas, U.S.) [fourth favorite branded park]
  12. TBA
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  14. TBA
  15. TBA
  16. TBA
  17. TBA
  18. TBA
  19. Six Flags Great Adventure (Jackson, New Jersey, U.S.)
  20. Europa-Park (Rust, Baden-Württemberg, Germany)
  21. TBA
  22. TBA
  23. TBA
  24. TBA
  25. TBA
  26. TBA
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  • He joined ACE in 2000.
  • The only time he swore at an event is at Paramount's Kings Island in 2002 where he called Son of Beast "a wooden piece of shit". He later changed it to "Wooden P.O.S." when he made it the nickname for the rollercoaster at the order of a Mormon higher-up at Window Lifestyle Media, and later changed it to "Redeemed Wooden P.O.S." when it was rebuilt as Son of Beast The Second.
    • However, he did say "ass" at Knott's Berry Farm, but he was referring to a donkey.