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Danny the Dog is an American-Canadian StopMotion Adult dramedy. The first two episodes have the Starlight Entertainment logo on silent, but episode three uses Starlight Entertainment in-credited. It first aired June 24th, 1998 on both Adult Swim and Nick At Nite, Adult swim decided to show the first 2 episodes following by a completed fake episode called "TTG At Night" to let viewers know that they could watch Teen Titans Go! without cable when their favorite TV is broken as part of the CN Best Summer Ever. Danny the Dog is distributed by Viacom International, Starlight Networks, M4E Entertainment and thus, M4E does not have rights to Danny the Dog. It is copyrighted by both Warner Media and Viacom, Respectively, Danny the Dog was inspired by Buddy Thunderstruck, Domo, Tumble Leaf, Netflix Dramas, and The Toonami Japan Live Action Show. It is shot by Bix Pix and Amazon. While ir is edited with a video tool by Starlight Studios TO and Nickelodeon Animation Studios in Burbank, CA. Despite it not being produced at Nickelodeon Animation respectively, the live action scenes are shot at Starlight TO and Paramount Studios.
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