Darcy Molly Reyes (May 4th, 1948-April 23rd, 1993) Was an Engarian Politician. She served as the Foreign Secretary Between 1992-1993. Before She Entered Politics, She Was a Wiki TV Meteorologist Between 1968-1989. She Died on April 23rd, 1993 After She was Murdered By President Dan Chen.


Early Years

Darcy was born in a Komapest Hospital in 1948. When She was Small, Her Parents Separated. However, She Remained Friends with Them.

Formative Years

In 1968, Darcy Became a Wiki TV Meteorologist and She Served the Role for 21 Years, Making her the Longest Serving Meteorologist on the Channel. She Stopped being a Meteorlogist in 1989. When Dan Chen was Elected as President in 1992, She Was Appointed as the Foreign Secretary. She was also considered to be the First Black Cabinet Member of Any Engarian Presidents.

Death and Funeral

On April 23rd, 1993, Darcy was Stabbed in the Back In Dan's Office when She Noticed Him Wielding a knife. She was Quickly Rushed to the Hospital, But Once she Entered there, She Died.

The Funeral was held on May 14th, 1993 and it was Broadcast Live on the Engarian News Channel. It was Watched more Than 2.4 Million People From Across the Country.

Personal Life

In 1974, Darcy Married Kaleb Paterson. Darcy and Kaleb's Relationship lasted until 1976 When Kaleb Died after Being hit by a Car. In 1986, Darcy Has married Jai Simpson Where Both Darcy and Jai's Relationship Lasted until Darcy's Death.

Both Darcy and Jai She Lived with her Children Jason and Jimmie.

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