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Darien Lake is a theme park resort in New York, Located in Darien, New York, United States. It is owned and operated by Carwardine Parks. In addition to the amusement park, it features a campground, water park, and an on site lodging.


Darien Lake first opened in 1954 as a campground. In 1981, SAI added amusement rides and made a sister park to Schuyler Lake.

During their bankruptcy, Six Flags sold it to Carwardine Parks as part of a two park package deal with Great Escape.

This is often known for being the main storage lot for Carwardine's yet-to-be-relocated coasters.

In 2015, Laser Looper was added, replacing UFO.


  • Ol' Canada
  • Entrance Plaza
  • Thrill Central
  • Darien Square
  • Kiddie York
  • Barracuda Bay (water park)

Former areas

  • Adventure Land for Kids (1988-1996; located where Crocodile Isle is now)
  • Tiny Trio (1997-2011; A small collection of older kiddie rides from Adventure Land for Kids)

Current rides

Roller coasters

  • Boomerang (1998; Vekoma Boomerang roller coaster) [Darien Square]
  • Buffalo Bills Stampede (1999; Intamin megacoaster, formerly known as "Ride of Speed" [2007-2016] and "Superman: Ride of Steel" [1999-2006]) [Thrill Central]
  • Hangman's Revenge (1997; Vekoma suspended looping coaster, formerly known as "Mind Eraser" [1997-2006]) [Ol' Canada]
  • Laser Looper (2015; A Premier Rides Sky Rocket II coaster, the only Sky Rocket II to have vest restraints instead of a comfort collar or a lap bar, the vest restraints were made by Vekoma) [Thrill Central]
  • Maggie Simpson's Adventure (2012; An E&F Miler kiddie coaster, formerly "Mini Mine" [2012-2021]) [Little York]
  • The Predator (1990; Dinn wooden roller coaster, rumored to get RMC due to yellow chopping marks on the structure) [Thrill Central]
  • Viper (1982; Arrow Dynamics looping roller coaster, exit relocated near the old Nightmare at Phantom Cave building is in 2012 to make way for an expanded kiddie land) [Ol' Canada]

Flat rides

  • Bear Valley Bumper Buggies (1981; Bumper cars) [Thrill Central]
  • Double Trouble Towers (2010; An S&S Combo Tower ride, one side converted into an S&S Spin Shot in 2021) [Darien Square]
  • Giant Wheel (1983; A Vekoma Giant Wheel, relocated from the 1982 World's Fair in Knoxville, received an LED light package in 2012) [Thrill Central]
  • Lasso (1981; A Zierer Wave Swinger ride) [Thrill Central]
  • Raging Seas (1981; A Mack Sea Storm ride, refurbished in 2013) [Thrill Central]
  • Scrambler (1997; A Scrambler ride) [Ol' Canada]
  • Sidewinder (1981-1998, 2011; A Mack Calypso ride, formerly known as "Crazy Quilt" [1981-1998], not the original ride, it was relocated from Carwardine Colony) [Ol' Canada]
  • Sleigh Ride (1981; A Mack Swing-Bob ride, refurbished in 2015) [Ol' Canada]

Kiddie rides

All kiddie rides located in Little York.

  • Balloon Race (1996; A Zamperla Samba Balloons ride; formerly known as "Seaport Weather Balloons" [1999-2006] and "Up Up and Ahoy!" [1996-1998])
  • Crazy Cups (1996; A Zamperla Mini Teacups ride, formerly known as "Bugs' Carrot Cans" [1999-2006] and "Spinach Spinnaker" [1996-1998])
  • Dodgems (1981; kiddie bumper cars, formerly LazyTown: Stingy's Bumper Thumpers [2007-2011])
  • Frog Hopper (2012)
  • Kiddie Train (1996; A Zamperla Rio Grande ride; formerly known as "Rabbit Transit" [1999-2006] and "Anchors Away Railway" [1996-1998])
  • Lil' Lasso (1996; A Zamperla kiddie Wave Swinger ride; formerly known as "Taz Twister" [1999-2006] and "Swee Pea's Swings" [1996-1998])
  • Mini Monsters (1996; A Zamperla Convoy ride with monster trucks, formerly known as "Foghorn's Coastal Delivery" [1999-2006] and "Brutus' Monster Trucks" [1996-1998])
  • Under Sea Diver (1996; A Zamperla Crazy Bus ride themed to submarine, formerly known as "Daffy's Diver" [1999–2006] and "SS Popeye" [1996–1998])
  • SS Darien (2012; A Zamperla Rockin' Tug ride)
  • Wagon Wheel (1996; A Zamperla Sun & Moon kiddie Ferris Wheel ride themed to barrels; formerly known as "Michigan J Frog's Ferris Wheel" [1999–2006] and "Olive's Barrels of Fun" [1996–1998])
  • Wave Riders (1996; A Zamperla Mini Jet themed to log rafts, formerly known as "Pepe Le Pew's Rafts of Romance" [1999-2006] and "Sea Hag Island" [1996-1998])

Water rides

  • Carwardine River Rapids (1989/2007; A Intamin river rapids ride, heavily refurbished in 2007 by Intamin, formerly known as "Grizzly Run" [1989-2006], the only non kiddie-ride in the Kiddie York section) [Kiddie York]
  • Pirate Plunge (2002; An Intamin "Shoot the Chute" ride, formerly known as "Shipwreck Falls" [2002-2006]) [Ol' Canada]
  • Thunder Rapids (1981; a log flume ride, heavily refurbished in 2018 by Hopkins, with a randomized choice of 2 different drops via an electronic die inside the flume that if the number is 1-3, it goes down the first drop which is steep down, and if the number is 4-6, it goes down 2 small drops back to back, several theming elements, like old track [actually from the old Arrow track] being hit by lightning and on-board audio, which the audio player was recycled from Maximum RPM at Freestyle Adventure City, the new audio is done by IMAscore.) [Ol' Canada]

Restaurants and food stands

  • Barry Cuda's Burgers and Dogs [Barracuda Bay]
  • Busted Barrel Saloon
  • Dunkin' (formerly Tim Hortons)
  • Endzone Snacks [located across from Buffalo Bills Stampede]
  • Insomnia Cookies
  • Maria's Spaghetti House
  • Perry's Ice Cream Parlor
  • Roy Rogers [Darien Square]
  • Subway

Barracuda Bay (water park)

Originally separate admission, but became included with admission in 1994 to boost visitors. In 2009, the water park received a makeover with new cabanas and an expansion with 3 new slides in a tower called "Terror Trio".

  • Crocodile Isle (1997; a wave pool)
  • 'Cuda Falls (1994; A Fred Langford Tube Slide Complex Comprising of 4 Tube Slides, clone of Quad Slide at Carwardine Colony, repainted in 2009)
  • Floodgate Falls (1981; A cascading lazy river, refurbished in 2009)
  • Ripcurl Racer (2016; A Proslide Kracken Racer)
  • Sea Squirts Splash 'n Slide (2015; A splash pad and kiddie pool with water slides)
  • Terror Trio: Dark Vortex (2009; A Dark ProSlide Tornado 45)
  • Terror Trio: Magic Mammoth (2009; A ProSlide Mammoth that's enclosed the entire time except for a few disco balls, originally used traditional 6-person rafts, but in 2011, it instead used the Dark Vortex cloverleaves, the old rafts were recycled for the raft slide at Great Escape.)
  • Terror Trio: Water Coaster (2009; ProSlide HydroMagnetic Rocket "Carwardine Layout-001", last of the 5 to use the 001 model.)
  • Vortex (2005; A ProSlide Tornado, formerly known as "Tornado" [2005-2006])

Former rides

  • BMX Motorcross (1981-2011; A Hampton Rides Motorcycle Jump kiddie umbrella ride, relocated to Freestyle Adventure City)
  • Brain Teaser (1981-2011; A Zierer small Tivoli coaster, was known as "Nessie the Dreamy Dragon" [1988-1996] and "Ladybug" [1981-1987], the ride was scrapped and replaced with Mini Mine)
  • Cascade Canyon (1982-2001; A set of four mat water slides, replaced with Pirate Plunge)
  • Hook's Lagoon (1996-2014; A water playground, replaced with Sea Squirts Splash 'n Slide)
  • Nightmare at Phantom Cave (1996-1998; An indoor Schwarzkopf Jet Star roller coaster, later relocated to Great Escape before being sold to a traveling fair)
  • Twister (2000-2009; A Huss Top Spin ride, replaced with Double Trouble Towers)
  • UFO (1981-2013; A Huss UFO ride, replaced with Laser Looper)


Average schedule, except COVID-19, 9/11, special events, maintenance and/or bad weather. Also, in the off-season, weekends are closed.

Theme Park

  • April 11-May 1 - 10:00 am-8:00 pm
  • May 2-May 22 - 9:30 am-8:30 pm
  • May 23-June 21 - 9:00 am-9:00 pm
  • June 22-July 3 - 9:00 am-9:30 pm
  • July 4 - 9:00 am-10:00 pm
  • July 5-August 31 - 9:00 am-9:30 pm
  • September 1-September 22 - 9:30 am-9:30 pm
  • September 23-November 4 - 10:00 am-9:30 pm

Water Park

  • Memorial Day-June 21 - 12:00 pm-7:30 pm
  • June 22-July 3 - 12:00 pm-8:00 pm
  • July 4 - 12:00 pm-8:30 pm
  • July 5-Labor Day - 12:00 pm-8:00 pm


  • Darien Lake was one of only two US parks in the Carwardine chain with a Tim Hortons restaurant.
  • The Lasso Wave Swinger ride at Darien Lake has the same name as Carwardine Colony's suspended coaster.