"You obviously might be familiar with this machine from Team Ankoku. These do not kill you if you get shot but turn you to stone if you are hit."
- Dr. Zett, describing it

'Dark Cannons' (Japanese: ダークキャノン, Hepburn: 'Dāku Kyanon') are a fictional series of weapons wielded by Team Ankoku within The Drillimation Series. These large, bulky guns resemble dragon heads and have the ability to turn their victims to stone within a single shot.

Although the charging process is a little lengthy, they can shoot thick, black arrow-shaped projectiles designed to either move straight or be curved. If the projectile hits a non-living being, it will explode.


In the anime

Godzilla vs. The Destruction Drill

In the 1985 crossover anime film Godzilla vs. The Destruction Drill, the cannon first appears with it being used to freeze the people of Kyoto solid as Dr. Manhole says that Kyoto is an anime paradise and that he hates anime of any type. To unleash his rage, he sends out a series of hackers with the weapons in an attempt to destroy Kyoto. When Konata notices this, she rushes to the Drill Institute to notify Dr. Zett about this. Having no experience with a Dark Cannon, he does research about it. After hearing the news report of Team Ankoku attacking Kyoto with the cannon, the Japanese authorities send out Godzilla for revenge on Team Ankoku for their antics. After losing a battle, Godzilla goes on and rampages in Osaka once again before being noticed by a new weapon, being the Destruction Drill.

In the games

Super Smash Keyboards 4

In the game's story mode, two Dark Cannons were provided to Keel Sark and Hearthcliffe. Hearthcliffe uses his to capture either Konata Izumi or Miyuki Takara (depending on whatever false version they killed first). Hearthcliffe later uses the weapon again to capture Kagami Ochiai. Keel Sark used the weapon twice, with the first being Taizo Hori and the other princess Wataru saved. Shortly after, a false version of that princess uses the weapon in an attempt to capture either Susumu Hori and Reimu Hakurei or Anna Hottenmeyer and Rinnosuke Morichika as they pass by a lake shore, before her plot is thwarted by the other pair, who blows up the cannon. Keel again uses the cannon to capture Ataru, but is quickly revived as Mike Matei jumps in to destroy the cannon. Hearthcliffe uses the weapon one last time on Dr. Manhole in an attempt to seize control of the former Team Ankoku.

Individuals hit by Dark Cannons

Super Smash Keyboards 4

Targeted victim(s) Shooter Outcome Note(s)
Konata Izumi Hearthcliffe Success Happens only if the player killed False Miyuki.
Miyuki Takara Hearthcliffe Success Happens only if the player killed False Konata.
Kagami Ochiai Hearthcliffe Success Sacrificed to save Susumu Takajima.
Susumu Hori
Reimu Hakurei
False Miyuki Failed Plot thwarted by Rinnosuke Morichika.
Anna Hottenmeyer
Rinnosuke Morichika
False Konata Failed Plot thwarted by Reimu Hakurei.
Taizo Hori Keel Sark Success Sacrificed to save Ataru Hori.
Ataru Hori Keel Sark Success Was revived by Mike Matei shortly after.
Konata Izumi Hearthcliffe Success Happens only if the player saved Konata.
Miyuki Takara Hearthcliffe Success Happens only if the player saved Miyuki.
Mike Matei Keel Sark Failed Evaded attack.
Dr. Manhole Hearthcliffe Success Hit to seize control of the former Team Ankoku.
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