Darlene Gerendez (born 3rd January, 1970) is a Jetanian politician. She successfully overthrew Derrick Harlock on 19th June, 2019 to became a new (and second) president of Jetania after new voting and following a series of protests. As a result, Darlene became the new leader and president of the Jetanian Group, replacing Antheru Intengeret. She is recognized as Jetanian president by Canada, the United States, Kuboia, El Kadsre, the Philippines (until Jun 19, 2019 - July 6, 2019; recognized her again as president of Jetania since Aug 15, 2019), Mexico, North El Kadsre, Ireland, Narthernee, Schelipoerys, Belgium, North Korea, Italy, South Africa, Chile and Brazil.


Darlene was born to Jetanian mother and Filipino-American father in the poor city of Guagarua in east Jetania near the abandoned town of Geugar in east Jetania.

Personal life

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