Darren Cody (born April 5, 1959) is the former CEO of Viva, Inc. from 1989-1994 and El TV Kadsre from 1994-1996 before leaving to be the CEO for Banushen Media Corporation, where he imported Will & Grace, The Practice, Blue's Clues, The King of Queens, Digimon, Ally McBeal, and That '70s Show.

He was the last CEO of the Banushen Media Corporation not to be related to the Matsushita family via blood, adoption, ancestry, and/or marriage and he was succeeded by Toby Matsushita in 2003. The same went for his tenure at El TV Kadsre in 1996, where he was succeeded by Shirou Matsushita.


Darren was born in El Kadsre City to an American couple born in Florida, Massachusetts. While working at El TV Kadsre, he passed on Space: Above and Beyond (which ended up airing on Banushen Television) in favor of 3rd Rock from the Sun.

While working at Banushen, he passed on Buffy the Vampire Slayer (which ended up airing on TV 6) in favor of importing The Practice, also passed on SpongeBob SquarePants (which ended up airing on RGN, ETVKK and El TV Kadsre 1) in favor of Malcolm in the Middle, also passed on The Weber Show (which ended up airing on TTV) in favor of Three Sisters, and also passed on George Lopez (which ended up airing on TV 6), Meteor Garden (which ended up airing on RGN), and Emeril (which ended up airing on TTV) in favor of importing According to Jim. He also passed on Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat (which ended up airing on ETVKK and El TV Kadsre 1 and wound up becoming a massive hit on those networks) in favor of importing Cyborg Kuro-chan. He is also credited with saving Hockey Night in Canada from being pulled from Banushen due to low ratings, by establishing new publicity for the show via a variety of means.

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