Data-Byters is an El Kadsreian tokusatsu game show presented by television personality Fluffarella Jones with a concept created by Takahiro Koizumi.


The show involves between 100 and 142 contestants who "enter the cyber world" for a series of physical challenges, with many similarities to both Takeshi's Castle and The Krypton Factor. Each show finishes with a "Cyber Showdown" in which the titular Data-Byters are faced by the contestants who manage to complete all the challenges. Early on, they would storm the castle set itself in a short-range water gun assault. Later episodes have introduced lasers and light-sensitive targets. If the contestant's gun hits a Data-Byter's "Light Avoider Shutoff Switch", it causes a "Byter Showdown", and as a result the "cyber world" is "saved" and the game "won". The player who stops all the Data-Byters wins $50,000.



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