An attempt at a U.S. remake of Banushen's El Kadsreian game show Data-Byters was proposed by CBS Productions, Reveille Productions, and Universal Network Television and it was planned for a 2004 mid-season start on CBS, but plans were canceled following the negative reception and failure of another Reveille/Universal product, NBC's 2003 U.S. remake of UK's Coupling. It would've been used the tokusatsu footage of the El Kadsreian original.

The pilot, taped in May 2003, was hosted by Janeane Garofalo. As opposed to other CBS game shows at the time, it was taped in Montreal, Quebec, Canada as a cost-saving experiment, and as a way to cheaply redub the tokusatsu characters' voices to avoid paying for the original soundtracks. Veteran voice actor Vlasta Vrána was the announcer.

Among the celebrity contestants on the pilot episode were Emma-Taylor Isherwood, Oliver Grainger, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Steve Dahl, and Nick Bakay. Original Data-Byters host Fluffarella Jones served as the audience warm-up woman.

Opening Spiel

  • AUDIENCE: "DATA-BYTERS! DATA-BYTERS! DATA-BYTERS! YAY!" Vlasta: "Hey kids and families from around the world, are you ready to take on the most awesome challenge ever? Well, we are! This is, DATA-BYTERS! With your host, JANEANE GAROFALO!"


Maison Radio-Canada, Montreal, QC

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