David Enyart (born June 2, 1968) is a American actor and media personality from the New England area. He is also known for being a voice actor and ADR producer for Gotaku.


David moved from Atlanta, Georgia to Ayer, Massachusetts with his parents when he was 6 years old.

Personal life

David lives in Boston, Massachusetts. He was married to Gotaku founder Mayuka George from 1998 to 2006.

Anecdote on Hoop City

"Founded in August of 1996 by Mayuka to act as a backup to Boston City Sound Studios, Power Network and Cinelume due to an overload of work, otakus across America weren't very favorable about the early dubs from Hoop City, since at the time most of the actors the fledgling studio hired had no experience in voice acting since most of them had usually been regulars in local theater. The early dubs the studio put out were very subpar, for example Montana Jones had performances ranging from "adequate" to "downright awful" while Igano Kabamaru, a series we didn't consider dubbing for being "a little too Japanese", had such a bad dub with miscast voices and direction to the point where Hoop City had to re-record the dub in the early 2000's with somewhat better results. But then, in 1999, it happened. Hoop City recorded a good dub, being Heidi. It had superb performances from the then-child actors who voiced the leads, improved direction quality from Donald Curthoys, and a great translation and adaptation of the script."
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