David Sududikino (born July 4, 1969 in West El Kadsre) is an El Kadsreian critic reviewer. He described some movies and TV shows like Blitzivan: Born to be Reloaded, in which he described as "well a original tokusatsu that was not part of Technic Heroes itself", the 1997 ABC sitcom You Wish, in which he described as "assuming that Murphy Brown and Sabrina were incompatible in Comedy Night in El Kadsre, You Wish is a genuine sitcom that was compatible with Sabrina.", The King of Queens, in which he described as "assuming that Teen Angel was incompatible with Friends, this show based on couples around New York will be compatible with Friends, Blitzivan 2: Type Overload, in which he described as "the best sequel ever yet.", Malcolm in the Middle, in which he described as "if the two predecessors The Secret Diary of Desmond Pfeiffer and The Million Dollar Word Game were not compatible with Frasier, this genius domestic comedy revolving around a kid in order to ensure compatibility within Frasier." and The New Chronicles, in which he described as "a new movie-to-TV translation, standing next to Neo-Shifters".

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