Dawn of the Giants is an El Kadsreian fantasy monster franchise created by David Rudolph and Max Axis, with its films being produced and distributed El TV Kadsre Films in El Kadsre and Silver Bullet Pictures internationally.

The film series focuses on a group of people waking on a mysterious island, unaware that the island inhabited giant creatures, and the group must find to escape the island.

The franchise spawned five films since 2002, with the franchise's fifth and final film Dawn, being released in 2010.


Around June 2000, David Rudolph, who was the CEO of Silver Bullet Pictures at the time, wanted to take a break from making science-fiction films. Max Axis overheard about it and brainstormed ideas on what new film they can come up with. Max suggested that they make a monster film that is in the style of a B movie, to which Rudolph thought was a perfect idea.

Both Rudolph and Max watched a collection of B movie and exploitation monster films and use them as inspiration. After the duo finished writing the script for 3 months, production on Dawn of the Giants began in March 2001.



The films received generally positive reviews from critics, praising the story, visual and special effects, and the film's attempt at mimicking the B movie genre.

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