Dean and Daisy is a children's traditionally animated comedy-drama Kantasy series created and writen by Ashley Maverick. It focuses on two rebellious children who flee their homes and explore the world around them, which often gets them in trouble.

The series premiered on Vision One as part of its children's programming lineup on 4th March, 2019. A total of twenty-four episodes were aired progressively on weekdays until 12th April, 2019. Alongside Vision One, the series is also currently airing on Little Disney.


Dean, a ten year-old boy, and Daisy, a seven year-old girl, are two rebellious children who frequently flee from their families' households due to being unsatisfied with their living conditions. Together, they wander around their village to try and find things to do, which either get them in trouble, or cause them to temporarily become heroes for the day.

Most episodes on the show feature a B-plot, which generally focuses on Alliterat, a large rat who attempts to be evil by doing petty and/or ridiculous things. Whilst the main plot with Dean and Daisy is generally drama-based, the B-plot with Alliterat is humour-orientated.

Dean and Daisy is heavily influenced by Kuboian culture of the late 1980s and early 1990s. The show appears to take place in West Kuboia.



Dean is a ten year-old boy, who is very sarcastic and cynical. When he and Daisy go out together, he usually takes charge to make sure Daisy doesn't run off. Although Dean tries to be friendly and mature, he often has difficulty doing so, since he considers most of the other characters on the show to be selfish, or incredibly stupid. He has light brown hair, and wears a beige mid sleeved top with a light brown sleeveless waistcoat, brown shorts and white trainers.


Daisy is a seven year-old girl, who is Dean's neighbour and best (and technically only) friend. She is very mischievous and doesn't like listening to others, but is also very gullible. Despite trying to come off as confident, Daisy gets stressed very easily, and has difficulty making friends and communicating with others. She has straight ginger hair, and wears a yellow shortsleeved dress with a black belt, long white socks and black trainers with white laces.


Alliterat is the leader of a group of human-size rodents, who is often the lead character of an episode's B-plot. He is a large rat, who speaks in alliteration, and often tries to be a wicked villain, but rarely manages to do anything even close to evil. His "evil" plans vary from episode to episode, but are often something trivial, like sending prank calls, gluing coins to the ground or hiding cutlery in restaurants. Despite trying to be a vile villain, Alliterat has many paths that he will not cross, and often pities other villains if they do something really bad. Although he only interacts with them occasionally, he gets along well with Daisy and Dean, and sometimes helps them.


Snarky is a large brown mouse, and Alliterat's second-in-comand minion. He is frequently grumpy, and gets embarrassed by Alliterat's silly plans. Despite the fact that Alliterat treats him well, Snarky often ridicules his boss and works behind his back. Unlike his boss, Snarky is actually capable of being dangerous, and has a particular disliking towards the human race, thus he dislikes Dean and Daisy, and sometimes tries to use one or both of them for his goals.


Puppet is one of Alliterat's minions, a light brown rat with a pink bow on her head. Unlike Alliterat and Snarky, she stands and moves on all four paws, and seems to act more like a dog than a mouse. She generally goes along with whatever Alliterat is doing, regardless of what it is, but has a particular liking for eating lots of food and watching television. Although Puppet can talk, she doesn't speak often, and usually speaks very short sentences,

Dean's mother

Dean lives with only one other person, his mother. She doesn't appear to be very intelligent, and spends most of her life sitting down and watching television. She also doesn't seem to have good social skills either. Occasionally, she will mention how she is very tired after a "busy" day.

Daisy's mother

Daisy's mother is a recurring antagonist in the series. She is very controlling and often selfish, having a tendency to put what she wants over what her daughter wants. She supposedly has a very low esteem in the community due to her behaviour.


English dub

El Kadsreian English dub

Dubbed by Power Network, El Kadsre City


According to Ashley Maverick, development on Dean and Daisy began in late 2015. She wanted to create a series that was reminiscent of Kantasy series of the 1990s, but at the same time, "offering something new". Ashley felt disappointed that Kantasy had lost relevance in the European market in the 2010s, and wanted to remind the industry what makes Kantasy shows special.



During its initial premiere, Dean and Daisy was the most watched show part of Vision One's children's programming lineup.

Critical reception

Dean and Daisy has received mixed reviews from critics, who praised the show's writing and animating, but criticised most of the show's characters as being rehashes of characters of previous Kantasy series.


Series 1 (2019)

# Episode title Original air date
1 "A Spoonful of Mysteries" 4th March, 2019
Dean and Daisy are invited to one of their neighbour's birthday party, located at a family-friendly restaurant. When there, Daisy wanders off after finding a hidden door. Meanwhile, Alliterat hears about the party, and announces that he is going to ruin it by hiding the cutlery.
2 "In the Ama-Zone" 5th March, 2019
Daisy discovers a rainforest hidden far from human sight, and decides to make it a hiding spot. However, she eventually gets lost, and Dean goes in to look for her. Whilst this is happening, Alliterat announces his plan to steal all the bananas from the forest, only to discover that bananas do not grow there.
3 "A Phoney Scheme" 7th March, 2019
Daisy, fed up of getting mistreated in school, decides to run and hide in the corridors. Meanwhile, Alliterat comes up with a scheme to send everybody in the country prank calls, and make them use up all of their phone credit.
4 8th March, 2019
5 11th March, 2019
6 "Little School of Horror" 12th March, 2019
Dean and Daisy decide to go to an abandoned school building to debunk a rumour that a monster has been hiding in the building's ruins. Alliterat, meanwhile, decides to take the day off being "evil", so Puppet does her own mission, and goes around the village stealing food.
7 14th March, 2019
Daisy starts to become sick, but her mother doesn't appreciate this, and expects her to do chores when she at home. Eventually, she begins to become very unwell, and collapses when doing jobs. Whilst this is happening, Alliterat and Puppet go about the place gluing coins onto the ground, hoping that those passing will fall for them.
8 15th March, 2019
9 18th March, 2019
10 19th March, 2019
11 21st March, 2019
12 22nd March, 2019
13 "Snarky's Scheme" 25th March, 2019
Snarky, having had enough of Alliterat's silliness, decides to set up his own evil scheme, and plans to rob the village's bank. Elsewhere, Daisy decides to run away after having an argument with Dean, and overhears Snarky's plan. Once Snarky notices that Daisy has been spying on him, he decides to kidnap her.
14 26th March, 2019
15 28th March, 2019
16 "Home Sick Home" 29th March, 2019
Daisy sleeps over at Dean's house for a few nights in a row to avoid having to deal with her life at home. Meanwhile, Alliterat attempts to steal the world's water by filling up large containers with tap water.
17 1st April, 2019
18 2nd April, 2019
19 4th April, 2019
20 5th April, 2019
21 8th April, 2019
22 9th April, 2019
23 11th April, 2019
24 12th April, 2019

Series 2 (2019-?)

# Episode title Original air date
1 27th October, 2019
2 24th December, 2019
3 Q2 2020

International broadcast

  • Asia - Disney Junior
  • Canada - Teletoon
  • El Kadsre - BTV Me
  • France - Télétoon+ and Boing
  • Germany - Disney Junior
  • India - Disney Junior
  • Italy - K2 and Boing
  • Japan - Disney Junior
  • Jetania - Z Bop
  • Latin America - Discovery Kids
  • Middle East - MBC 3
  • Portugal - Canal Panda
  • Russia - Carousel
  • Spain - Boing
  • United Kingdom - CITV and LittleBe
  • United States - Universal Kids

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