Deconara (pronounced dee-co-nar-a) unofficially known as the United British Republic of Deconara, is a country in South America bordered west to the southern part of Argentina.


British Empire (1834-1954)

The British Empire ruled Deconara in 1834, Markingston decided to rule the country, after since some British people denies Markingston's rules, he told those people to leave the country, but since Markingston died in 1900, Jonkingston ruled it.

Modern Day Deconara (1954-present)

After Deconara declared independence from the United Kingdom in 1954, the British Empire ran away and Deconara became Independent.

In 1960, a large group of Indonesian, Japanese, Dutch, and El Kadsreian people arrived around 1956 to 1959.



Television networks are: Deconara Television, Vis, 3TV, RD4, etc.


The population of Deconara is about 15,972,860 (2017 estimate).

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