Deconara (/di:kənarə/) (Deconaran: Dāconārė; /dɑkonɑrɛ/), officially Commonwealth of Deconara (Cēmynwīlte vœ Dāconārė; /ke:mɯnvi:ltə vœ dɑkonɑrɛ/), is a country in South America bordered west to the southern part of Argentina.


Dutch Empire (1680-1834)

In 1680, the Netherlands invaded Deconara and became a crown Dutch colony, like Suriname.

British Empire (1834-1954)

The British Empire took control over Deconara in 1834, after winning a war against the Dutch. Markingston ran the colony, but some people protested against his authoritarian rule.

Protesters were exiled from Deconara, but after Markingston died in 1900, Jonkingston took control.

Modern Day Deconara (1954-present)

Deconara declared independence from the United Kingdom in 1954, after a referendum where 87% of the people voted in favor of independence.

In 1960, a large group of Argentines, Toralaq, and Brazilians migrated to Deconara.



Television networks are: Deconara Television, Vis, 3TV, RD4, etc.


The population of Deconara is about 3,482,041 (2020 estimate).


Deconara has no state religion, although Christianity is the most predominant religion, with 89% of all Deconarans identifying as Christian.

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