Dennis Quivette (born Kenneth Sujo Pelley in May 18, 1986) is a Filipino-El Kadsreian YouTuber, VidSpacer, writer, actor, voice actor, artist, reporter, and TV host. He is known for popular videos such as Let's Ride in Manila, Let's Ride in Sankuro, Let's Ride in Abeta, etc.


Dennis was born as Kenneth S. Pelley to Thai farmer Huyan Sujo and American politician and senator Stephen G. Pelley during a trip in Daet, Camarines Sur, Philippines. Her biological parents was abandoned him after they moved to Atlanta while he was a baby, and he was later adopted by Filipino stepmother Melissa R. Quivette and changed his name to Dennis Quivette. Dennis never knew his biological parents until he was 24 years old.



  • My first life. (2004, VidSpace)


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