Destiny Eatmon Gonzalez (born Alexandra Destiny Gonzalez; July 8, 1986) is a Canadian-born YinYangian actress. She usually started her debut on the 1991 film, A Cute but Lost Girl, when she was 5. She is also a voice actress.


She was born in Toronto, Canada. She and her parents then moved to YinYangia in 1988. She was debuted in a film when she was 5.

She was sent to school in 1992. She has a lot of friends (most are girls). She was quite good at acting. She then became a popular movie actress. She started her voicing career in the 1998 animated series, Magically Girlz.

She was married to Frank Eatmon, who is a British-born YinYangian businessman who was the CEO of Technang from 2009 until 2017 when Shout Anderson became the CEO, when she was 16 and when Frank was 18, in 2002. Destiny is now known as Destiny Eatmon.


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