In El Kadsre, digital television broadcasts, or DTV, can be received via cable, via the internet, satellite, or free over-the-air (OTA) digital terrestrial television - much like analog television broadcasts have been.


Digital television in El Kadsre has its roots in the 1980s when El Kadsre was the Vlokozu Union. In 1986, Theorysonic created the Widervia, which is considered to be a first digital television set ever made. Widervia was later exhibited in Expo 87 in Makohiro and it was originally planned to be mass-produced but the plans fell through due to Theorysonic being unable to afford to mass produce the Widervia and Theorysonic abandoned the digital television project for several years.

Digital television in El Kadsre begin to commence in the early-1990s in respective cities of El Kadsre City, Capulco, Glonisla, Cicmpillici, Sankuro, Caelum, Cliffstown, Wats, and Eirabourne and used ATSC, DVB-T, DVB-S2, and DVB-C standards. El Kadsre later adopted both the ATSC and DVB standards.

Digital satellite television launched in the El Kadsre in January 1995 with the release of Digital Television and digital terrestrial television launched in El Kadsre as well. Around the same time, Naisuka released the DigiFlat 100B, the world's first commercially released digital television set. Theorysonic released the first Nehervia TV with high-definition and digital tuners two years later.

High-definition broadcasts began in early-1999 starting HDEK with a test broadcast from many hours, El TV Kadsre, BTV, RGN, CPN and Viva began test trials. It was made available to digital cable and satellite operators a few months later.

The first CPN television series was shot in 16:9 high-definition was Distilled, it was released in April 1998.

The HD channels of free-to-air TV broadcasters was first available to digital pay-TV cable and satellite operators from 2001 to 2003.

BTV was the first free-to-air terrestrial TV to switch to digital television with widescreen HD (1080p) format on August 9, 2004. To view in Full HD, users must need to have digital TV HD recievers. Meroview MVDT4030 was the first Freeview Full HD digital TV receiver. The two extra HD free-to-air TV channels (HD Entertain and Starcase) was launched in 2005. Most of free-to-air TV channels official launched a HD services by 2005 to 2007.

Meroview PRO DTV is the first smartphone to have digital TV tuners to watch TV channels, it was released in 2006.

Cignal is the first service to have offer HD channels since April 2000, the next is ElStar (then known as Astra Digital) to have offer in January 2001.


  • El TV Kadsre HD
  • BTV HD
  • RTV HD
  • RGN HD
  • Viva HD
  • CPN HD
  • Star HD
  • TTV HD
  • TV6 HD
  • International Television HD
  • Special Television HD
  • CTS HD
  • ElStar One HD
  • ElStar Two HD
  • ElStar Three HD
  • HD Entertain
  • Starcase
  • Cignal Plus HD
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