Disney's Studio Park is the second theme park built at and a production studio located in the Disneyland Australia Resort in Holsworthy, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, which opened on January 8, 2005. It is dedicated to show business, themed after movies, TV shows, production, and behind-the-scenes experiences. It's sister parks are Disney's Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World in Florida and Walt Disney Studios Park at Disneyland Paris in France.

The park is represented by the Earffel Tower, a water tower similar to one that was installed at the Walt Disney Studios lot in Burbank, California. Many rides are based off Disney, Marvel, Lucasfilm, Touchstone, 20th Century Studios, and MGM/UA properties as well as other licenses.


To all who enter this studio of dreams... welcome. Disney's Studio Park is dedicated to our timeless love of cinema and television. Here we celebrate the proud work of artists and visionaries from Australasia and around the world who have created magic for decades. May this special place inspire memories, magic, and dreams.
- Michael Eisner, January 8, 2005


In March 2002, the park was announced to open in the (Southern Hemisphere) summer season of 2004-2005. Construction began in May 2002, and the park's final cost of construction was slightly over AU$340 million. Around the time of the park's construction in 2002, The Malcolm in the Middle Movie used employee parking lots for the Disneyland Australia Resort along with the Wedderburn Airstrip as temporary backlots to recreate portions of Malcolm's neighborhood.

On January 8, 2005, Disney's Studio Park was opened by Michael Eisner and the Premier of New South Wales Bob Carr.

In 2006, the park reached 10 million visitors.

In 2007, Great Australian Resorts confirmed that the park has no plans for major expansion for the next 10 years.

In 2017, the major expansion plans were announced with Star Wars Land (soon renamed to Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge).

On October 5, 2018, a new attraction named Mattel Play! Town Sydney was opened, adding a new dimension to the long-standing Barney's Theatre attraction.

On July 15, 2019, the new Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge area opened. A month later, Disney announced three new studio lots: The Simpsons: Welcome to Springfield (based off The Simpsons), Arendelle: World of Frozen (based off Frozen), and Pandora: The World of Avatar (based off Avatar).

On May 23, 2020, after the acquisition of Peanuts being announced at the newly reopened Disney Springs, it was announced that Universe Snoopy, an extra fourth new studio lot, will take up part of Toon Studio, while an extra fifth studio lot, Bluey's Town, will take up part of Effects Stage.

On June 11, 2020, along with Disney's Aussie Beach, will reopen, the reason for the later date compared to Disneyland Sydney is due to the higher capacity requirement for the park as many attractions depend on the guests. Although, due to heavy construction, several guests can only be in an area at a time.

Current Studio lots

Disney's Studio Park is divided into eight themed areas, named "studio lots", inspired by fantasized iterations of either existing locations found in Hollywood and Los Angeles or imagined worlds from either Hollywood or Australian media. Each studio lot has a hidden production building.

Front Lot

  • The Dapper Dans Show (2005; a nighttime revue show starring the Dapper Dans of Disneyland Sydney)
  • The Great Media Ride (2005) [FastPass]
  • Share The Magic (2005; a recreation of the semi-famous statue at Disney World)

Toon Studio

33% of the land will be torn down for Arendelle: World of Frozen, and 7% of the land will be rethemed to Universe Snoopy. Most attractions will be moved or rethemed.


  • Steamboat Willie Coaster (2005; A custom Vekoma junior coaster with water effects, only coaster to be entirely monochrome, mountains demolished and will be rebuilt taller to hide the future Frozen, Avatar, Peanuts & Simpsons lands, also notable for having the only monochrome "Running Man" EXIT sign in all of Australia.) [FastPass]
  • The Secret of NIMH: The Ride (2005; a dark ride/motion simulator hybrid based off Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer's The Secret of NIMH; will be unaffected by the changes) [FastPass+]

Effects Stage

33% of the land will be torn down for Pandora: The World of Avatar, and 9-10% of the land will be rethemed to Bluey's Town. Most attractions will be moved or rethemed.


  • Ghostwatch: Sleepless Nights (2016; a dark ride/motion simulator hybrid, based off the BBC TV special Ghostwatch; will be unaffected by the changes.) [FastPass+]
  • Incredicoaster (2019; a Intamin Custom Launched Looping Coaster, clone of Incredicoaster (formerly known as California Screamin') at Disney California Adventure; will be unaffected by the changes) [FastPass]
  • Now You See Me Live (2018; a live magic show based off Lionsgate's Now You See Me films; will be unaffected by the changes)

Production Courtyard


  • Disney Junior – Live on Stage! (2005; an live show attraction based off the various Disney Junior series and Bluey)
  • Muppet*Vision 3D (2005; a 4D film attraction based off The Muppets) [FastPass]

TV Studio

33% of the land will be torn down for The Simpsons: Welcome To Springfield. Most attractions will be moved or rethemed.


  • The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror (2005; an Otis Elevator Company/Eaton-Kenway-designed and Intamin-built accelerated drop tower dark ride; will be unaffected by the changes) [FastPass]
  • Sesame Street Playground (2015; a play facility with an attached theater for live shows based off Sesame Street; will be rebuilt and moved slightly to allow space for the Simpsons studio lot)

Studio Playground

The park's kids area. To be renamed Mattel's Studio Playground, anything not related to Mattel will be heavily rethemed.


  • Barney's Theatre (2005; a live stage show based off Barney & Friends, was originally at Disneyland Sydney in the Mickey's Toontown section, relocated there due to Disney wanting to have Toontown focus on Disney characters)
  • Mattel Play! Town Sydney (2018; a interactive play facility attached to Barney's Theatre with devoted play areas to six of Mattel's brands: Thomas & Friends, Bob the Builder, Fireman Sam, Barney & Friends, Pingu and Angelina Ballerina)

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge



The Simpsons: Welcome To Springfield

Coming October/November/December 2020.

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Arendelle: World of Frozen

Coming October/November/December 2020.

Pandora: The World of Avatar

Coming October/November/December 2020.

Bluey's Town

Coming October/November/December 2020.

Universe Snoopy

Coming October/November/December 2020.

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