Disney Channel is the Sallyish version of the US cable network Disney Channel. It launched as its own feed on October 2, 2013. It has a block called Playhouse Disney which runs from 6 am to 3:30 pm.

Cartoons are always dubbed or voiceover translated, but live-action shows are subtitled unless they are popular enough in which they get voiceover dubs.

It's targeted towards families, not just children.

Programming blocks

  • Preschool Block - airing preschool programming such as Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. It has a “School TV” segment on weekdays, with shows such as Come Outside. It formerly was known as Playhouse Disney, but now it has Disney Junior-based graphics with a red Disney Channel logo appearing instead of the Disney Junior logo. (06:00 to 15:30)
  • Dogsney Channel - airing shows and movies where a dog is the main character such as Puppy Dog Pals (16:00 to 18:00)


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