Disneyland Eruowood Adventure is a 1998 RPG video game tie-in to the Disneyland Eruowood amusement park developed by Traveller's Tales and published by Virgin Games and it was released for the SNES, Sega Genesis, Century 16, Century Theoron, Playstation, Sega Saturn, Nintendo 64, and Game Boy. The game was hardly released outside of Eruowood.

A remake of the SNES version came out for the Game Boy Advance in 2007 to celebrate Disneyland Eruowood's tenth anniversary.


It plays like an average turn-based RPG, but this time, you are in Disneyland Eruowood and play as the heroes fighting the villains.



  • Ariel
  • Buzz Lightyear
  • Daisy Duck
  • Donald Duck
  • Goofy
  • Hercules
  • Jessie (NewDEA only)
  • Jiminy Cricket (NPC, PS1, SAT, CT, N64 versions)
  • Mickey Mouse
  • Minnie Mouse
  • Mortimer Mouse (Transfer Pak or NewDEA DLC only)
  • Peter Pan
  • Pinocchio (PS1, SAT, CT, N64 versions)
  • Pluto (NPC)
  • Sorcerer Mickey (PS1, CT, versions; alternate costume for Mickey Mouse)
  • Tinker Bell (NPC)
  • Woody


  • Big Bad Pete
  • Big Bad Wolf
  • Captain Hook
  • Evil Queen (part of the Five Final Bosses)
  • Gaston (part of the Five Final Bosses)
  • Hades (part of the Five Final Bosses)
  • Lady Tremaine (SNES, GEN, C16, GB versions)
  • Maleficent (part of the Five Final Bosses)
  • Monstro (PS1, SAT, CT, N64 versions)
  • Ursula (part of the Five Final Bosses)


  • The versions sold at Disneyland Eruowood and The Disney Store are one of the few region free games (for non-region free consoles like the SNES, Genesis, C16, CT, etc.; Game Boy is completely Region free). ESRB's rating for those copies is E for Everyone.
  • The game was released in North America for a limited time in late 1998 at Blockbuster Video stores as a rental exclusive, currently, North American copies are semi-rare to come by.
  • Buzz Lightyear and Woody from Toy Story are the only Pixar characters in the game.
  • In the Game Boy Version, Mickey has a bowtie to differentiate him from Minnie on the small, colorless screen.
  • The Nintendo 64 version supports the N64 Transfer Pak with the Game Boy version.
  • The Game Boy version is color enhanced for Super Game Boy and Game Boy Color.
  • A fan-made remake of the N64 version came out on Steam in 2017 called NewDEA.



  • Minnie's dress has been changed to her Mickey Mouse Works dress.
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