The dissolution of the Vlokozu Union occurred on March 29, 1989, officially granting self-governing independence to the states of the Vlokozu Union. The declaration was acknowledged the independence of the former Vlokozuian states and created the United El Kadsreian Nations a month after the collapse.

On March 29, Susumu Mizushima, both the fifth and final president and second and final prime minister of the Vlokozu Union, makes a televised statement where he announces he's resigning from office and declared that the Vlokozu Union was dissolved. That evening at 8:44 pm, the Vlokozuian flag was lowered from the Parliament house for the last time and replaced with the VS El Kadsre flag.

Previously, on March 25, Michael Vlokozu, the first prime minister of the Vlokozu Union was assassinated during a trip to Japan. As a result, Vicnora, Screencold and Line, and North El Kadsre declared independence on March 26 respectively while El Kadsre declared independence on March 27 and Mahri and Sentan on March 28 respectively.

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