The Diursian Broadcasting Corporation (DBC) is the public broadcaster of Diursia.

It is funded by a mixture of government budget allocations and advertising.


It was originally founded as a joint venture between the BBC and the ERTU. After both Sudan and Diursia gained independence, it was renamed the DBC. By 1984, the Diursian government gained full ownership of the DBC. The BBC owned a stake again from 1997 to 2007. After this, the license fee was abolished due to growing income inequality.

Television channels

Channel Format Launched Availability
DBC One General January 1, 1956 Free-to-air
DBC Two Highbrow August 9, 1963 Free-to-air
DBC Three Cultural March 4, 1980 Free-to-air
DBC Four Educational March 23, 2005 Cable, satellite
DBC Kids Children's August 26, 2001 Cable, satellite

(time-shares with DBCe)

DBCe Entertainment April 30, 2009 Cable, satellite (time-shares with DBC Kids)
DBC Mini Preschoolers' August 26, 2001 Cable, satellite
DBC News 24 News July 10, 1996 Cable, satellite (also airs on DBC One)
DBC Parliament News December 15, 2002 Cable, satellite

Radio stations

Station Format Launched
DBC Radio 1 News, Entertainment January 1, 1956
DBC Radio 2 Popular Music March 28, 1975
DBC Radio 3 Sports October 18, 1995
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