Dog Gone Game Show is a 1995 American animated drama film Directed and Produced by Kathi Castillo.


The Daily Lifes of the Contestants

The Game Show is Announced

The Contestants Enter

The First Game

Blue Hombre Messes Around with The Votes

Horseshoe Huck Gets Eliminated

Voice Cast

  • Allan Melvin as Game Show Announcer
  • as Rose Gold
  • John Kassir as Blue Hombre/Smokey Hound/Doggybutt/The Cowboy Dogs
  • Frank Welker as Chief/McDowall
  • B.J. Ward as Desert Flower/Daughter Hound
  • Michael Bell as Laughing Donkey
  • Howard Morris as Chuckling Chipmunk
  • Sherman Howard as
  • Richard Karron as


  1. Whistle Your Way Back Home - Chief, and Desert Flower
  2. Happy Days Are Here Again - Game Show Announcer


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