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'Dog Prince Epan-kun' (Japanese: 犬の王子エパンくん, Hepburn: 'Inu no Ōji Epan-kun') is a 1986 Barokian-Vlokouzian-Canadian-Japanese anime series produced jointly by Rahimtoola Films Bahezki, El TV Kadsre Animation, CinéGroupe, and Group TAC. It is a spinoff of Princess Felicia.


Prince Épagneul (French for Spaniel and shortened to Epan in Japanese) is the heir to Canine Kingdom (populated by anthropomorphic dogs), which is at war with the Felician Kingdom. On his tenth birthday, Épagneul receives a scepter and a magic pendant that will allow him to become either a dog or a cat, and sets out with his feral dog companion and two cats to settle conflict with the kingdom.

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The theme song was composed by Soviet Armenian composer Arshavir Manoogian with lyrics by Yaseen Hussein and Lucy Chahuán. It was performed by Assa Darson and Mrs. Magnificent in the English, Barokian, Brazilian Portuguese, and Latin American Spanish versions.

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