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         Doki is a bootleg Mega Drive game created by Jogos Brasileiros in 2005 starring the primary Discovery Kids mascot at the time and was produced by Ricardo Janeiro, Rumors speculated that the game was a mystery.


Screenshot of the First Level

The gameplay is mostly unique to most platformers, you collect mushrooms to get a 1-up, you can't defeat enemies, the BG layer is the same as the FG layer (albeit the colors being semi-transparent and the scrolling speed being slower, in order to create the illusion of 3D, which is known as parallax scrolling), just like Mario and other classic videogames, you start with 3 lives, if you lose all of your lives, the game is over, all the sprites (except for Doki) are stolen from Mario Fan Games Galaxy, all The music (except for mm2wood.mid) are stolen from VGMusic and downgraded for playback on the Mega Drive's sound chip, if there are too many enemies on screen, the game will slow down, the enemies will flicker if there are more than 80 (20 per scanline) sprites on screen, and if there are much more enemies, the game will crash, which was done due to the Mega Drive's limitations, since this game was made in Brazil, the game was entirely in Portuguese.


on March 31st, 2005, Ricardo Janeiro's son was watching Discovery Kids and Doki appeared, the son said what is the name of this dog, Ricardo Janeiro did some research and found out that the name was Doki, they wanted to make a game that his son could enjoy, the result was a Mega Drive game named Doki, it was sold at flea markets and kiosks.

Revisional Differences

Game Over Screen

Original Revision 1

The original Game Over Screen has Doki with his Eyes Being Cutoff by The Evil Kirby with His Angry Face Coming from A Kirby: Right Back at Ya! Episode called Frog Wild (though it only aired in Japan at the time), Due To The Fact that it was not Suitable for a Child-Friendly Game, Revision 1 got a New Game Over Screen based on the Old Version of the 404 Error from the Discovery Kids Website.

Game Over Tune

Original Revision 1

Mega Drive Style)


Wario's Woods (NES) Main Menu, But With Only 3 Music Channels and Different Notes

The Original Game Over Tune is Stolen from Mario's Time Machine, The Revision 1 Game Over Tune is just the Main Menu Theme from the NES Version of Wario's Woods, This time, With Different Notes.

List of Consoles and Multicarts with This Game

  • Ultra Drive
  • Doki 6-in-1


  • Discovery Kids acknowledged The Bootleg, They Reviewed it in a Magazine called Jogos do Brasil.