Doki 2 is a Sequel to the Unlicensed Game Doki, It Is The Last Game To Be Made By Jogos Brasileiros Before it got closed and Replaced By Jogos Brasileiros 2, Every Revision is even made by Jogos Brasileiros 2.



The Sequel contains New Levels and a Different Stage Design, It Had The Same Issues as The Prequel,

If You Press Start on The Title Screen, You are greeted with a Menu to Choose between Mono or Stereo, Change your Character, And Choose between Singleplayer or Multiplayer.

Differences from the Prequel


Mundi, Fico, Oto, Gabi, and Anabella had been Added to the game, It Could be also chosen in Multiplayer.


New Controls Had Been Added

Game's Box

A Manual has been Added


Clouds Had Been Added in The Background Layer

Revisional Differences

Game Over Screen

Original Rev 1

The Original Game Over Screen was a Makeover of the BSOD from Older Windows OSs, The New One is based on the 404 Error Page of The Discovery Kids Website from the 2010s, This is Where They Continue to Turn 404 Errors into Game Over Screens.


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