Doki 3 was the Threequel to Doki and the Sequel to Doki 2, It Was Released Days after the launch of Discovery Kids Plus (Use a VPN to Go To The Site without Problems), It was made by Jogos Brasileiros 2 (due to Jogos Brasileiros 1 being shutdown 8 Years Before the Game had been released).



Screenshot of the First Level.

The Game is Entirely Different, You Can Now Kill Enemies by Jumping on Them Twice, You Now Start with 5 Lives, Doki's Mouth is Slightly Changed to be more Open, Separate Sprites are used for The Left/Right Directions to prevent the Eyes from getting mirrored, Most of the Levels is based on the TV Series, All The Characters (Except for Doki) are changed to their counterparts seen in the TV Series.

Differences to The Prequels

The Jogos Brasileiros 2 Logo is seen at the beginning of the Game


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Title Screen

Doki Doki 2 Doki 3

The Title Screen Had Been Entirely Changed, The Press Start Text now Flashes.

Revisional Differences

Game Over Screen

Version 1.0 Version 2.0

The Original Game Over Screen is based on an Error in Discovery Kids Plus indicating That You Didn't Live in Latin America, The New Game Over Screen is based on the 404 Error from Discovery Kids Plus, The Original Uses 16 Colors, While the New One Uses More Colors so The Colors could be on the Background Layer, the Foreground Layer, and the Sprite Layer.


Version 1.5 Fixed the Glitches from The Prequels.

Game Over Tune

Version 1.0 Version 2.0

The Game Over Tune is slightly Changed.

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