Douglas Gardens & Splashwater Adventure is an amusement park located in Douglas-Dodge, Jynesette, Azara.


The park first opened in 1979 under the ownership of Taft Broadcasting as "Douglas Gardens". In 1993 Paramount Pictures bought the park and the park was renamed "Paramount's Douglas Gardens". In 2007 Cedar Fair bought the park as part of the deal with Paramount and the park was renamed again to "Douglas Gardens & Splashwater Adventure".


Roller coasters

Name Year Opened Description
The Bat 1985 An Arrow Dynamics suspended swing roller coaster.
The Beast 1979 A 110 foot tall wooden roller coasters that is basically a smaller version of The Beast roller coaster from Kings Island.
The Beastie 1979 A PTC wooden family roller coaster. Formerly known as "Scooby-Doo and the Beastie" (1979-2006).
Boomerang 1995 A Vekoma Boomerang roller coaster model. Formerly known as "Crocodile Dundee's Boomerang" (1995-2006).
Corkscrew 1979 An Arrow Dynamics "Corkscrew" roller coaster model.
Son of Beast 2017 An RMC wood/steel hybrid roller coaster with a similar layout to Son of Beast from Kings Island but with a double corkscrew inversion in addition to the loop.
Woodstock Express 2006 A Zamperla kiddie coaster.

Flat rides


Name Year Opened Description
Condor 1985 A Huss Condor ride.
Firefall 2004 A Mondail Splashover ride. Formerly known as "Tomb Raider: Firefall" (2004-2006).
Delirium 2003 A Huss Giant Frisbee ride.


Name Year Opened Description
Crazy 8 1980 A Huss Troika ride.
Efil Tower 1979 An observation deck replica of the Efil Tower in Paris.
Peanuts Carousel 1979 A carousel themed to the Peanuts comics. Formerly known as "Hanna-Barberry Go-Round" (1979-2006).
Zephyr 1979 A Wave Swinger ride.


Name Year Opened Description
Cosmic Flyer 1989 A Zamperla Mini Enterprise ride with robots and helicopters.
Linus' Beetle Bugs 1979 A Traver Kiddie Tumble Bug ride. Formerly known as "Boo-Boo's Lost Luggage" (1979-2006).
Peanuts 500 1979 A Hampton Rides kiddie umbrella ride with various cars and motorcycles. Formerly known as "Wacky Racers" (1979-2006).
Sally's Swing Set 1979 A kiddie Wave Swinger ride. Formerly known as "Top Cat's Swing Time" (1979-2006).

Splashwater Adventure

Splashwater Adventure is the name of Douglas Gardens' inclusive water park that opened in 1990.

Slides and attractions

Name Year Opened Description
Adventure Creek 1990 A lazy river raft ride.
Banana Blast 1990 A pair of yellow slides that uses inner tubes for riders. Formerly known as "SpongeBob's Splashdown" (2004-2006) and "Double Trouble" (1990-2003).
Castaway Canyon 1990 A set of six body slides that is carved into a man-made mountain. From 1990-2003, the slides used mats for the riders to ride on, over time the mats got worn out and were removed in 2004. Now riders just slide down the slides with no mats or inner tubes.
Coconut Cove 1990 A wave pool.
High Tide 2010 A Proslide Topsy Turvy slide.
Lil' Riptide 1990 A set of four water slides solely for children under 54" inches tall.
Snoopy's Beach 2010 A water kids play area that themed around the Peanuts comics.

Former rides

Name Year Opened Year Closed Description
Windseeker 2011 2018 A Mondail Windseeker ride.
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