Drake of the 99 Dragons is an American animated television series created and produced by Marcus Thorell, and the first entry in the Drake franchise. The show has been considered to be one of the most popular animated shows of the 2000s.

The show's official soundtrack was composed by DJs Jaydee and The Moinx, with a remixed version of Jaydee's club hit, "Plastic Dreams" done by both Jaydee and The Moinx called, "Plastic Dreams (99 Dragons Version)", which is used in a lot of chase scenes in the show, and became a hit on radio and nightclubs worldwide.

The show was later adapted into a series of comic books, toys and action figures, and even a 2003 video game developed by Idol FX, which is known as one of the worst video games of all time, while three other games were developed by other companies, which received better reception.


Chapter I: The Rise of Tang

Drake, an American-Hong Kongese assassin for the 99 Dragons clan, must retrieve the stolen Soul Portal Artifact by the clan's mortal enemy, Tang. Unfortunately, his master and himself are killed, which awakens the power of Drake's tattoo, which his master gave him when he joined the clan after saving him. During a chase with the Ghost Assassin, however, Drake is run over by a semi-truck and killed. In the aftermath, his spirit is sent to the Serene Garden, where four sprits give him an avatar so he can return to Neo Macau and seek his revenge on Tang and his triad of villains.

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Chapter III: The Curse of Nurumanja Temple

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Chapter IV: The Face of Darkness

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Chapter V: The Resurrection of Tang

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