Dream-ZOOM (Japanese: ドリームズーム, Hepburn: Dorīmu Zūmu) is a Japanese seinen manga series written by Imike Kiyogoru and Okanuki Eisubishi and illustrated by Kabuko Maika and Mariko Tsubi.



Dream-ZOOM is set in the fictional city-state of Skyhart (スカイハート Sukaihāto) in the year 2050. Skyhart has a futuristic setting.


In Skyhart, magic is part of everyday life and it is often used for harmful purposes. A teenage boy named Kay Baskal goes to the Sengick Castle (センジック城 Senjikku-jō), a school where students learn about using magic and train to go to war with it. Kay and two of his friends, Rini Kingo and Shao Wei, form Dream-ZOOM, a team dedicated to preventing the use of magic for harm and all forms of black magic from being used.



The manga was published from 2012 to 2014 by Shigobo and was available in Marathon Monthly.


In 2015, Dream-ZOOM was adapted into an anime series by Studio Fury. The series ran on Fuji TV for February 4 to June 3, 2015 for 18 episodes. In the United States, the show was distributed by Funimation.

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