On Dream Fiction Wiki, all pages are required to follow a manual of style. These are the rules that you must follow when making pages.

General Layout

All articles created must be written like a Wikipedia article. This includes an infobox, some sections, and some useful references. It should look like this:

No Title

No Title

No information

Page name here is a page.

Section 1

Write the first section of your article here.

Section 2

Write the second section of your article here.

General rules for articles

Naming your articles

You can freely pick an article name to whatever you desire. However, if you're creating an article based on existing fiction or real life properties, please put "[Page name] (Your username)" in the page name to avoid any confusion.


All images uploaded on the Dream Fiction Wiki should be used in an article. However, if you're uploading an image based on existing fiction or a real life property, please check the license before uploading. All content on the Dream Fiction Wiki is available under Fair Use licenses from copyright holders.

Rules of Conduct

All articles are to follow the Dream Fiction Wiki's Rules of Conduct. Any content that is inappropriate, offensive, or discriminatory, are subject to be removed by staff, either by editing the page to remove the material or deleting the entire page, depending on the severity of the broken rule.

Article format

Video games

If you're writing an article based on an original video game you have, all articles must have a plot, which is the story of the game, the gameplay, on how the game is played, and the reception, on how the game did.


All pages must have good grammar and correct punctuation. However, paragraphs must be kept neat and clean. Do not create walls of text. Paragraphs must be kept three to seven sentences long.

Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.