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(1930-1960, 1964-1969, 1973-1981, 1983) Peppatoons (originally Peppa Pig Presents) is a series of cartoons produced by Poulin-Baker Cartoon Studios. The series started de facto in 1930 with Peppa Hides Out and ended in 1981 with The Pig Deal.


In 1909, Aurele Poulin released his first cartoon short, Comics in Motion. It was merely a test, and featured a young pig. After a couple of cartoons in between, he released his second cartoon featuring this pig in 1915, called Missy the Little Pig. Missy was renamed Pecca in 1919. This series would last until 1927, when Poulin Productions shut down.

Poulin and Thomas Baker restarted production on these cartoons in 1930, rebranding Pecca as Peppa. This was called Peppa Pig Presents until 1932, when it was renamed Peppatoons. Peppatoons was colored in the two-strip Polacolor process, usually alternating between red and green and red and blue.


  • Peppa Pig (1930-1981): A tomboyish, mischievous pig/let. She originated in 1909.
  • Applejack (1981): Only had five cartoons in 1981.
  • Jackie the Dalmatian (1968-1979)
Voice actors:
  • Peppa Pig:
    • Aurele Poulin (1930-1931): Rarely voiced the character. Originally used a falsetto voice used for many cartoons at the time, similar to Mickey Mouse.
    • Charity Power (1931-1933): Used a French accent.
    • Valary Humphrey (1933-1957): Used an English accent for the character. Gave Peppa a younger voice. Originally Poulin disapproved of this and wanted an French accent, but test audiences liked the English accent.
    • Judy Strickland (1957-1975): Gave more emotion to Peppa's voice.
    • Claire Reed (1975-2001)
    • Catherine Auteberry (2001-): Used a mix of all previous voice actors' voices.

List of films


Installment Film Director Release date

A pig does cartoon stuff you would expect in a cartoon of the 1910s. Poulin's first sound cartoon.


Missy is a peccary who escapes the farm. She interacts with the humans in the city.


Missy goes to Wonderland.


A dog named Lassie rescues two men from a fire.


Missy buys a car and plays around with it, only to crash it.


Missy gets addicted to Cola-Cola syrup after she is told it is a medicine that can cure all illnesses. Parody of Coca-Cola.


Pecca the peccary steals a mind-reader and she can know what everyone is thinking.

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