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Kuboia (generally pronounced "Cue-boy-ay" or "Coo-boy-ay", though most Americans pronounce it as "Cue-bay-ah") or Republic of Kuboia is a country located in Europe that has marinal borders with Jetania, Marvatia, Ziakoren and Sycrene. Founded in 1946, Kuboia was originally a sub-region in Jetania until it officially became an independent country in 1987.

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Featured user of the month

This month's featured user is none other than ITVdude2000! ITVdude2000 is a user based in the Scotland area of the United Kingdom. He is the creator of two countries on this wiki - Jetania and Kuboia, although he puts his entire focus on the latter since he finds it much more interesting of a country.

He has also created a lot of fictional TV shows on this wiki, his best works either being Cindi and Friends or the Kantasy genre.

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