Dream Fiction Wiki

If you lived in the Dream Fiction Wiki universe—your Dream Fiction Wiki universe—what would your life be like? Who would you be?

The Dream Fiction Wiki is constantly expanding, with everything from movies to countries being created everyday. Of course, these are all works of fiction. But what if your universe became real?

Below is what different users' lives would be like, written in the first-person point of view and listed in alphabetical order.

Admiral Sven

My name is Magnus Torkelsen; I live in Aber, Dryicor, and work as a journalist and TV presenter for DTV and Channel 4. In my spare time, I run a TV-focussed YouTube channel, with around 75,000 subscribers.


My name is Pǎm Cí Cạn (Sohainesian: 范志真). I have a Vixplore account (a fictional Sohainesia-based video streaming website), having created the account on November 15, 2011, and I'm currently a student at Viānking University.


My name is Jason Paycane. I live in Port Arthur, Marston, Mantralia. I am a huge fan of aenimo, especially, Indie Q:Q and the FangX films. I also have an aenimo-focused YouTube channel with almost a million subscribers.


My name is Jashonn Gamayan. I live in Tsuki and are a huge fan of Western animation. In my spare time, i manage a variety WebWatch and YouTube channel with 9 million subscribers.