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The Dream Logos and Fiction Wiki Discord crisis, otherwise known as The Great Drillimation Discord Mute is an ongoing crisis regarding the business practices of Drillimation Systems. The incident began on the site's Discord server before Driller got fed up with the situation that two days after the crisis began, a server-wide mute was issued in order to investigate the situation, effectively preventing any conversations from taking place until the mute ends. Susumu Takajima, the site's owner, stated in a Twitter thread that the mute is not permanent.[1]



A person nicknamed Susumu Takajima, more known by his username CoolGamer23, had his adoption request over Dream Logos Wiki accepted on December 27, 2015, much to acclaim shorlty after the former owner of the wiki, Kaylor Blakley, was impeached by the community. He started development on Chuhou Joutai around the summer of 2018, of which's development was logged throughout Dream Logos Wiki, its sister wiki Dream Fiction Wiki and their Discord server ever since, much to some dismay.

On July 11, 2019, Drillimation permanently moved its users to what Takajima called the "Dream Logos Wiki 3.0" as part of Wikia's Spotlight. This included several drastic changes and a complete redesign of the sidebar, with the built-in chat module being retired and the changing of their advertising policies. This generated much controversy as Ootwar was a clear opposer of his advertising practices for Drillimation's game Chuhou Joutai, as Chuhou Joutai was considered by Ootwar to be violating on advertising, both morally and according to the rules, proposing that it would be unfair for the owner to advertise intensely while others are not allowed.

Drillimation refuted the claim stating that the duo from Chuhou Joutai was what makes the site recognizable and that Drillimation has the right to promote any of their products on the site as it was a Drillimation-owned brand. However, that is a controversial statement in and of itself, due to the people's acknowledgment over the purposes of the wiki, rather than the mascots. Drillimation also claimed that they have the direct ownership over the wiki, as it is their brand. However, that statement was disputed by both the Fandom Staff and the community.


On December 5, 2019, CoolGamer23, as he has done for the past few months, posted a link to a tweet relating to his video game Chuhou Joutai, which has received partial backlash for marketing in inappropriate places.

After a big argument broke out with CoolGamer23 (Driller) defending himself, Ootwar tipped off about his behavior to the official FANDOM/Gamepedia Discord server, where some of the staff members criticized his actions, but didn't do much before Ootwar eventually went further into it in a report filed to the staff through their Zendesk.

BoycottDriller movement and eventual server mute

On December 7, 2019, Ootwar and Mr21stCenturySamInc started up a hashtag #BoycottDriller as a response to his actions. As a response, he first created a new channel on the Discord server, #advertisements, to combat any further backlash. However, soon afterward, Driller threatened to file reports about the members of the #BoycottDriller movement to the Discord's Trust & Safety team and then Wikia's Staff, until he was quickly silenced by Ootwar's report that he sent to the staff himself shortly before.

A cornerstone to the major flood of users entering the server was a video posted by Chrissy on the same day, featuring GuitarKid as well as Natebross, discussing Driller's problematic behavior in the same style as most commentary videos. Takajima eventually got fed up and muted the server, preventing any conversations from happening. The mute didn't extend to staff though.


The mute has been criticized by some users, including staff, saying this impacted their freedom of speech. Despite this, a few users have shown their support for Drillimation Systems with a campaign asking Drillimation to unmute the server.