'Driller Engine Player' (Japanese: ドリラーエンジンプレイヤー; Hepburn: 'Dorirā Enjin Pureiyā') is an arcade game emulator created by Hiroshi Takajima specifically designed to emulate Drillimation arcade games on Windows and Macintosh-based operating systems. The emulator was initially created for TS-UGOS-based systems as the developers at Drillimation wanted to port some of the older games to Windows. The emulator eventually saw releases on Windows in 1990, then with a Macintosh port in 1993. As of 1996, the emulator is no longer supported, as the emulator can run on systems running Windows XP and below.

Shortly after release, hackers eventually found out the player can also run other games by Namco that either run on System 86, System 1, and System 2-based boards. This eventually led to takedowns of gameplay videos featuring the games being emulated on VidSpace and YouTube. The controversial actions eventually led to a few lawsuits from VidSpace, Inc. and a few others.

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