Drillimation Drilled to Texas was the theme song or "anthem" of The Drillimation Series from 2005-2012, recorded by Vicnoran band Kitty.


I prefer monumentous gluteus maximi; a lie I shall not utter

Fellow brethren, thou shalt utter admission,

that a female, be it the in gear dagnumase that she enters,

and furthermore; be it the in gear dagnumase that her medium sein gear dagnumtion is in possesion

of a in gear dagnumirin gear dagnumumfranin gear dagnume most minisin gear dagnumule, and, with a global form before you,

It shall be that, due to this image, arousal shall oin gear dagnumin gear dagnumur;

A woman, as the woman, shall be brought to view, and, being brought

To view makes it oin gear dagnumin gear dagnumur, and due to this, it shall happen.

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