Drillimation Online (ドリメーションオンライン Dorimēshon Onrain?) was a Japanese digital distribution platform and online gaming service specifically for Drillimation games developed by Drillimation Studios and owned by Bandai Namco Holdings. The service mainly serves as an online portal for The Drillimation Series.

The service was initially launched exclusively in North America for America Online providers only, but since has been expanded to its home country of Japan and the rest of the world. Drillimation Online was considered the world's very first digital game distribution service in the world and has garnered positive critical reception, receiving various awards including a Webby in 2002.

The Drillimation Series by Drillimation Studios and Bandai Namco Holdings
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Services Drillimation Online
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  1. Owned by Seymour Games.
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