'Drillimation Switch' (Japanese: ドリメーションスウィッチ, Hepburn: 'Dorimēshon Suuicchi') is an arcade system developed by Drillimation Studios and Nintendo. It is designed to emulate arcade-style games developed by Drillimation Studios through the use of Nintendo Switch technology. Games are provided on television monitors that continuously display advertisements for upcoming games for the machine until a game begins.

Since its release, over 1 million units have been sold and the service is currently available in North America only, currently being exclusive to restaurants and bars. Drillimation and Nintendo have made plans to expand it to Japan and Europe in the future.


To begin a game, players must sync their Joy-Con controls to the machine they want to play the game on. After pairing, players must connect their Joy-Con to a Driller Engine Receptor. Players select their game that is currently being broadcasted at that moment. Depending on the game, up to eight players can join a single match on the same screen, as most matches are played throughout Drillimation's network. In some games, local leaderboards are displayed so players can see how they fare against players nearby, followed by a national scoreboard so they can see how they fared throughout their region.

If a game is broken up into multiple rounds, many of them just simply take commercial breaks before the next round can begin.

Games available

Driller Engine 1 Era

Driller Engine 2 Era

Driller Engine 3 Era


Development on Drillimation Switch began since Nintendo announced the Switch, and Drillimation experimented with internet multiplayer games at restaurants with a trivia game called Drillimation IQ for Buzztime systems. This game originally appeared in HotShots Party 2000 as a mini game and all questions are Drillimation-based. However, the game turned out to be a debacle due to it not attracting enough players and support for the game was discontinued in less than a year. The audience for most Buzztime games were usually college students and adults in their twenties and thirties, and Drillimation felt Buzztime needed to appeal to adolescents and teens.

After the failure of Drillimation IQ and seeing the hardware for the Nintendo Switch, Drillimation employees were sent to Nintendo to explain their new technology. Nintendo loved the concept and work began on Drillimation Switch.

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