Drillipedia is an El Kadsreian online encyclopedia for information from The Drillimation Series, including the anime, games, manga, as well as any upcoming Drillimation material. Founded by VidSpace owner Tyrrell Takara, it is a specialized wiki made to be an extensive encyclopedia of the franchise with some articles reaching more than 50,000 words and is written entirely in an in-universe perspective. Its name is a portmanteau of Drillimation and encyclopedia.


With a massive amount of wealth that Tyrrell Takara has been earning from the highly-successful VidSpace, Takara took a chance and founded Drillipedia as a MediaWiki site. On October 4, 2004, the site was launched. Drillipedia went on to become the most visited website in El Kadsre in November 2005, and Drillimation made the site a "preferred partner" for those wanting to learn more about the games and anime. The site won the "Best Website" award by the El TV Kadsre Entertainment Awards in 2006.

As of 2017, the site currently holds more than 90,000 articles. Drillimation also hosts the site in its native Japanese, while other companies such as NetEase, Naver, and Yandex also host the site in other languages.


Many Drillimation fans stated that they used the site to get a better understanding of the Drillimation universe when creating their doujinshi content on the internet.

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