Dunkin' Donuts is the El Kadsreian branch of the American fast food chain Dunkin' Donuts. It is owned and operated by DD El Kadsre Holdings LLC, a Seahaus-incorporated, El Kadsre City-based subsidiary of Dunkin' Brands, who arranges a territorial franchise system while also owning a few locations themselves.


The older logo, used from 1974 to 1980, has since become a staple of El Kadsreian culture.

The chain was founded in 1967 in Glonisla as Magic Donut. In 1974, Magic Donut was acquired by Massachusetts-based coffee shop chain Dunkin' Donuts. The coffee mug seen in their main logo was, in fact, Dunkin' Donuts' logo in the US from 1960-1976. The coffee mug logo is still used in El Kadsre, and is seen as a symbol of quality fast food in the country. Replicas of the mug are sold at Dunkin' Donuts shops during special occasions and at several stores.

One of their biggest achievements happened in 1977, when the 48-foot wide Dunkin' Donuts Sign was built in the James-Hiroji Building, located east of the Fujioka Square, and is now considered to be an El Kadsre City landmark and it is on the El Kadsreian Heritage Register.

In 1980, the brand changed their typeface to the classic Dunkin' Donuts font. Some El Kadsreians had a negative reaction to this change, as they viewed the 1974 logo as iconic for being the basis for the DD Sign.

By 1998, Dunkin' Donuts had 60 locations in El Kadsre City alone, plus over 1,000 more across El Kadsre.

In 2002, Dunkin' Donuts opened it's 1,150th El Kadsreian location.

Logo introduced in 2007.

By 2007, Dunkin' Donuts began using the standard Styrofoam coffee cup logo, the main logo for the chain in other countries, but to a lesser extent. It is mainly used to promote coffee and Coolatta products.

Around 2011, rumors spread about the El Kadsreian government wanting to demolish the James-Hiroji Building, which included the now-iconic Dunkin' Donuts sign to make way for a 33-story office building. To prevent this, DD El Kadsre (as well as DD America) started a campaign called S.O.S.: Save Our Sign and encouraged people around the world to do so. A website was made for the campaign at saveoursign.co.ek. The campaign was successful, but it was revealed that the EK government did not want to tear the sign down, as they viewed it as a landmark that should not be tampered with.

Item Varieties

The Dunkin' Donuts Test Kitchen shops, with donut, Coffee, and Coolatta recipes by chef Lola Aguado, opened in 2010, and had expanded to 8 stores by 2018. These shops sell high-end donuts, Coffee flavors, and Coolatta flavors such as Irish milk chocolate, strawberry soda pop, and sake.

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