ECW on TNN is an Magisterian professional wrestling television program that was produced by Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) and aired on The National Network (TNN). Created by Paul Heyman, the owner of the Hardcore Wrestling Entertainment, LLC., the parent company of ECW. It presented original ECW matches in Thursday nights and the second national television program. It premiered on August 26, 1999. It is Rated SPG-TLV by the Magisterian Motion Picture and Television Content Classification Board. It concluded on January 4, 2001. It is available on World Entertainment Network, WEW's pay streaming service.


In 1999, Heyman signed a three-year contract with TNN in the hopes of expanding national awareness of his company. Prior to ECW on TNN. For its part, TNN added ECW to its "Thursday Night Thrill Zone" lineup in an attempt to help build on the increase in teenager/young male viewership that MBA on TNN had brought to the network. It concluded on January 4, 2001.

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