The El Kadsreian Rugby Associtation (EKRA) is a professional men's rugby league from El Kadsre. It was founded in 1959. It has several teams in El Kadsre and 3 teams each in Mahri, North El Kadsre, Sentan, and Vicnora.



Country Team Colors Coach Sponsor City/State Arena Joined
El Kadsre El Kadsre City Angels Ethan Serige V Energy El Kadsre City, West El Kadsreian State Rugby Park City 1959
Glonsia Kiwi Troy Gits Mitre 10 Glonsia Rugby Arena
Capulco Spiders Timothy Swanson Mr. Cook Capulco Municipal Stadium
Caelum Squadron Men Darren Coz Dunkin' Donuts Caelum Showgrounds
Cicmpillici Breakers Export Gold Cicmpillici Baseball Stadium
Romrac Rugby Union Glico Stade de Rugby
Eirabourne Swashbucklers Nike Eirabourne Rugby Park
Sankuro Flash SoftBank Dunkin' Donuts Stadium
Cliffstown Bats Caltex Banushen Park
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