EKRail in North El Kadsre No. 1 is a video uploaded to VidSpace, YouTube, and the El Kadsre Railfanning Portal by Timothy Schönbächler.


The video takes place in Mahokiro at Tokyo Avenue grade crossing, and like most North El Kadsreian grade crossings, it is similar to Japanese grade crossings. The loaded No. 23 goods train heads to Yukari with 45 intermodal cars. Leading the train are the following locomotives:

  • EKRAIL 3552 (EMD SD40-2)
  • VLIX 3965 (GE U23B; leased from Vintage Locomotives Inc.)
  • NS 4001 (GE AC44C6M; owned by EKRail co-owner Norfolk Southern)
  • EKRAIL 421 (EMD GP7)

Following that is the No. 150 commuter train, heading to Makohiro's city center. The train consists of 6 EKRAIL commuter cars (based off the American Amfleet cars) with one Budd SPV-2000 railcar at the end. The train is pulled from the front by:

  • EKRAIL 3575 (EMD SD40)

As No. 150 leaves the crossing, the No. 21 goods train enters the crossing, destined for Glonisla, El Kadsre. On the goods train is 21 intermodal cars, 15 RoadRailers, and 19 TOFC cars. Leading the train are the locomotives:

  • NS 535 (GE B32-8; owned by EKRail co-owner Norfolk Southern)
  • MORX 345MT (MK SD45Xm; leased from the Oceanic Railway Museum)
  • EKRAIL 345 (EMD SD35)

Later on, the No. 1555 goods train enters the crossing destined for Caelum, El Kadsre. It consists of 25 RoadRailers and 5 TOFC cars. Leading are the locomotives:

  • NS 3528 (EMD SD40-2; owned by EKRail co-owner Norfolk Southern)
  • EKRAIL 22 (EMD SD45)
  • EKRAIL 9325 (GE C44-9W)
  • CN 2442 (GE C40-8M; leased from Canadian National)
  • BNSF 4723 (GE C44-9W; leased from BNSF)
  • EKRAIL 341 (EMD SD40-2)
  • EMDX 2816 (Rebuilt EMD SD40-2; leased from Electro-Motive Diesel)
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